Wednesday, 15 October 2014


 A drive around the lake today to Montreux, home of the Montreux Jazz festival the second largest jazz festival in the world and like Glasto 40+ years, established in 1967.not held in a field but the town of montreux an several venues and boats clubs. We originally planned to book tickets to some events but the cost! logistics and the fact that many of the acts had just been at the Glastonbury festival, we opted for a decadent lake view lunch at the Suisse Majstic Grand hotel. The colour of Montreux is yellow...yellow awnings from the ornate buildings that line the lake. The festival brings crowds of people and the usual mish mash of goods for sale, hairbraiding and food stalls. We opted for movenpick icecreams (as you do in Switzerland) amongst the stalls on the foreshore after a fellow diner/diners asked for the awnings to be lowered as it was a bit bright!!!! as the sun made its way from behind the moody clouds and the Alps rolled into view, and our lake and mountain views transformed into a view of a yellow awning. We drove further around the lake to Vevey wandering the foreshore  D marvelling that the French would never have vegetables in their curb side gardens as they would just pick them all (she's French so can pass such judgements!)past  a crazy container stuffed with greenery and nicknacks and a fork sculpture in the lake, plastic seats on poles embedded into the foreshore rocks and then drove up into the steep terraced vineyards and villages, truthfully getting a little tightly squeezed on some of the tight village roads. A snack in the countryside by the "heidi" homes and cows, before making our way back to the french side of the lake.

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