Sunday, 31 August 2014

Backstage Bar

A Beach Shack makeover for 2014 Lands End Bar

Around the festival

so much to see...

Crows Nest

A bar in a tent sittting high on the hill above the Park, and inspired by Antarctic explorers huts, preserved in time and captured so magically in the book Still Life by Jane Ussher .

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Home again

So it didnt quite work out as I planned, this Blog was meant to be a diary of my time away,to share with my family at home! what I saw, what inspired me, however the lightening storm that shut down the Glastonbury festival, also destroyed my computer charger. So no computer while I tried to replace it! it was complicated as I needed a nz plug! and the days slipped by and the diary aspect went out the window. So now this will be a recap of my 3 months away. Its lovely to be home again with the morning sun in the house. Lunch outside of fresh eggs from the chickens who are happily laying again after hiding the winter in their house,and my lovely family. A very happy spring returning!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Art for a festival

 I love these amazing paintings by the lovely Lulu Butcher....the brief Beatrix Potter does Glastonbury.
painted and framed on site and placed in the backstage Artists dressing room/ yurts.

                                                           Graffiti Art for the Hi Vis vests
                                     Circus inspired posters in Dolly Partons pre concert press space.
                                    All made on site by the talented art department crew from the Park!


     All handpainted on site, under the shade of the empty tents or out in the hot sunshine.
    Its Incredible the talent, thought and detail.

The Treehouse Cafe

Its a tea and cake cafe, definitely modelled on home!