Monday, 10 November 2014

last night in Ibiza


The night before we prepped the beautiful Ottolenghi Lamb Shawarma, the afternoon dawned as it does in Ibiza time, Some coffee, some food prep, a swim at Ladies Beach (a rugged get in and out ...whats that about?) fun times in the kitchen and around the bbq on the terrace. Shifting setting the table, The Ibiza residents amble in (yep they live here), Kiwis, Spanish, Irish, English. A joyful relaxed dinner outside, I'm loving these balmy evening temperatures.Impromptu skittles in the kitchen with stacked empty wine bottles before we depart! to dance the night away, Not quite the 1000s dancing together for us, but we sure did dance and wander until the sun rose and I could say " what an all nighter! (til 9am!!!) and in Ibiza" just a pity we had a plane to catch later today!!! a quick pack and a few hours sleep! where is the wisdom of our years now!!!

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