Saturday, 29 November 2014

Dinner tonight asparagus season

It's an intense, make the most of it time of the year. Our asparagus patch is planted but not ready for harvesting. The only option in our town is asparagus bunches at the supermarket with their purple rubber bands ( which I quite like) or if we are driving south, which due to the recent medical drama we have been. A beautiful kg bag of the tastiest asparagus from waipara winery restaurant. I m so dedicated to this task in season I stopped on the way to the hospital! ( I didn't know to be fair it was such a medical emergency unfolding! )On our way home 11 days later, of course I was going to call in! And yes this time the patient was resting in the car and I had to run through the torrential down pour to get my asparagus prize! So worth it for our nights of asparagus dinner inspired feasting. 

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