Saturday, 14 June 2014


       curtains that were in the house overdyed and lining the studio space ceiling

So I searched on google maps, searched on my phone, wrote some key direction notes, but really had no idea where I was heading! Yes I did head down some tight narrow country lanes, some long distance reversing to find a space when I met another car, there was a moment when I thought I wasn't going to find this place. In the end I relented a quick phone call and the programming of the "sat nav" I didnt know was there!
I was so close, but i wouldnt have found it.....


This place is already an incredible treasure.

 At the moment it is huge spaces of layered wallpaper and history. There's a huge attic space as big as a house where the servants slept/lived, and you stop and think how challenging it would have been for them, its lined with wood panelling which they will use elsewhere. The house is vast rooms, walls that can be pulled down, have been, creating bigger more usable spaces. Its raw and beautiful and inspiring and amazing. Owned by visionary people that have seen the treasure and potential and are ready for the journey.

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